How Do I Sell My Company in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area?

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I recently co-hosted a webinar in which this topic was discussed.  An acronym often used in the law enforcement/military community is “The 5 P’s.”  Simply stated, “prior planning prevents poor performance.”   When is the best time to prepare an exit strategy and sell your company…the day you started your business is the best answer.  Not all business owners have a long-term vision or strategic plan in place for this to happen.  Keep in mind, selling your company is a process, not an event.  Three types of business owners we have dealt with:

1) an entrepreneur looking to flip her business(s) within 3-5 years;

2) a business owner looking to sell within 7-10 years and has an exit strategy;

3) a business owner motivated to sell his business, with an exit strategy, while leaving a legacy and possibly having a succession plan.

So where do you get started if you are Owner #1 or # 2?  You contact Valhalla Business Brokers where our team has your goals and best interests in hand.  You have to make your business attractive to all buyers, but only to one buyer who is willing to pay or at least negotiate in and around your asking price.   Realizing the sale will be a process and not an event allows you to have people, processes, technology and capital in place.  Of these four elements, people are the most important.  You must have the right people in place so you can sell your business.  You have to be replaceable otherwise why would you sell your business?  Will key employees stay?  Are customers loyal to the owner or the brand?  Ask yourself if you can go to Bora Bora for two weeks and your business operates successfully without you.

Processes to obtain goods, manage operations, improve profits and sales in good times and bad, i.e.,  Covid-19, are in place, functioning and predictable.

What technology do you have in place to keep operations going?  Does your company have an IT/SEO representative/employee to fix IT issues and maximize your technology functions?

Finally, investors and/or buyers of your company want capital from the purchase and also to generate capital after the sale.  A broad customer base, recurring revenue and a business which is scalable creates capital.

With the five P’s in place, a sixth P—Prosperity, can be added with the successful sale of your business by Valhalla Business Brokers.

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    Our Process


    Goals & Discovery Meeting

    During our first initial meeting, we want to get to know you and discover what are your goals and what brings you to us.



    We will need to see your financials, tax returns etc to get an accurate valuation on your company.


    Listing Agreement

    In our listing agreement, we will formalize your goals to sale and layout all the terms. We understand this is a big decision and will be here with you all the way.


    Finalize Marketing Files

    Once the listing agreement is signed we will begin to build a marketing package.


    Going to Market and Fielding offers

    After we have finished the marketing files, its time for us to reach out to all our partners and the market place to find potential buyers.


    Field Offers

    Our goal is to bring more than one offer to the table for you to choose from.


    Due Diligence

    Once an offer has been made and accepted we will enter into the due diligence phase where we will fine-tune the offer and work closely with the buyers to develop the purchase agreement.


    Close the Transaction

    During this phase we will be working very closely with the banks, buyers, sellers, and lawyers to ensure everyone has all the documents and information need to close.

    How We
    Do It

    Supercharge your business to maximize marketplace value

    • Diving deep into your business goals
    • Identifying areas for improvement to sell your business for top dollar
    • Equipping your company with the best professional partners to increase enterprise value

    Our Mission

    At Valhalla Business Brokers, our mission is to offer professional expertise and reliable service to our clients in the areas of Buying and Selling privately held businesses, Mergers and Acquisitions, affiliated Financial Support Services, including Loans, imaginative methods of Raising Capital and Cash Flow, Tax Reduction Strategies and related Real Estate services. We assist both sellers in preparing and packaging their business for marketing as well as buyers looking for a specific acquisition or merger. Our company is a fully licensed Real Estate and Business Brokerage operation with only trained professionals. Our team of expert M&A Advisers and Certified Business Brokers will help inspire, educate, and consummate a deal on their behalf.

    We are the broker of choice for North Texas and the surrounding areas. We will uphold the highest ethical standards, provide superior customer service, and continually strive to meet our clients’ professional objectives. Additionally, we commit to working with the utmost confidentiality with buyers, sellers, and their accountants, lawyers and other business partners. We understand that buying or selling a business is a deeply personal, often emotional experience and we focus on providing sincere, pragmatic advice.

    We Pledge To

    Outwork the Competition

    Negotiate Like Sharks

    Never Stop Until the Deal Is Done

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