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Our Process


Goals & Discovery Meeting

During our first initial meeting, we want to get to know you and discover what are your goals and what brings you to us.



We will need to see your financials, tax returns etc to get an accurate valuation on your company.


Listing Agreement

In our listing agreement, we will formalize your goals to sale and layout all the terms. We understand this is a big decision and will be here with you all the way.


Finalize Marketing Files

Once the listing agreement is signed we will begin to build a marketing package.


Going to Market and Fielding offers

After we have finished the marketing files, its time for us to reach out to all our partners and the market place to find potential buyers.


Field Offers

Our goal is to bring more than one offer to the table for you to choose from.


Due Diligence

Once an offer has been made and accepted we will enter into the due diligence phase where we will fine-tune the offer and work closely with the buyers to develop the purchase agreement.


Close the Transaction

During this phase we will be working very closely with the banks, buyers, sellers, and lawyers to ensure everyone has all the documents and information need to close.

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