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We help businesses that are currently generating between $500,000 - $50,000,000 topline revenue.

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Know When It's Time To Sell

Business has grown too large and you can’t manage it

Ready for freedom and to enjoy life

Complicated Estate Planning / Death / Divorce

Eager for new challenges

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Business is struggling and you need to get out

Industry Experience

  • Stock and Asset Purchase Transactions
  • Commercial Landscape Companies
  • Residential Landscape Companies
  • Commercial Print and Graphic Companies
  • Commercial Survey Companies
  • Residential Survey Companies
  • Medical Distribution & Supply
  • HVAC Supply and Distribution Companies
  • Commercial HVAC Service Company
  • Mechanical Contracting Company
  • Heavy Manufacturing – Fossil Fuel Industry
  • Heavy Manufacturing – Steel designed products
  • Heavy Manufacturing – Fossil Fuel Power Plant Equipment
  • Hitech Electronics – Flame Detection Equipment
  • Manufacturing – Fossil Fuel Power Plant Equipment
  • And all other relevant industries

Why Us?


Years of Experience
Access to an Experienced
Board of Advisors
Get Highest Market Value

Reasons To Use A Broker


Confidentiality is crucial when working with a broker to ensure that the identity of your company is protected and only owner-approved buyers are contacted with your knowledge. At Valhalla Business Brokers, we work with the utmost confidentiality.

Reaching Potential Buyers

Business brokers utilize their tools and resources to help you reach the largest possible network of potential buyers.

Valuing Your Business

Valuing a business is intricate and complicated as every business is different and there are hundreds of variables that can impact said value. The best way for you to feel truly comfortable that you got the best deal is to work with a professional business broker who has the resources to ensure several financially viable parties are bidding for your business.

Business Continuity

Using a business broker when selling your business allows you to continue to focus on running your business while the broker is handling the sale.


In order to maximize your sale price, you need to present your business in the best light—a business broker can help with that. Brokers have a high understanding of the key attributes buyers value to help identify changes that can lead to a better selling price.

Balance of Experience

Most corporate buyers have acquired multiple businesses while sellers generally only have one business sale in their lifetime. An experienced business broker helps to level the playing field for when you’re making your one and only business sale.

Closing a Deal

The business broker’s entire function is to sell the business. With a broker, there is a higher chance your deal will be closed in less time. A faster sale means a lower risk of employee problems, customer defection, and predatory competition.

Sell Your Business



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Our Process


Goals & Discovery Meeting

During our first initial meeting, we want to get to know you and discover what are your goals and what brings you to us.



We will need to see your financials, tax returns etc to get an accurate valuation on your company.


Listing Agreement

In our listing agreement, we will formalize your goals to sale and layout all the terms. We understand this is a big decision and will be here with you all the way.


Finalize Marketing Files

Once the listing agreement is signed we will begin to build a marketing package.


Going to Market and Fielding offers

After we have finished the marketing files, its time for us to reach out to all our partners and the market place to find potential buyers.


Field Offers

Our goal is to bring more than one offer to the table for you to choose from.


Due Diligence

Once an offer has been made and accepted we will enter into the due diligence phase where we will fine-tune the offer and work closely with the buyers to develop the purchase agreement.


Close the Transaction

During this phase we will be working very closely with the banks, buyers, sellers, and lawyers to ensure everyone has all the documents and information need to close.

How We
Do It

Supercharge your business to maximize marketplace value

  • Diving deep into your business goals
  • Identifying areas for improvement to sell your business for top dollar
  • Equipping your company with the best professional partners to increase enterprise value

About Us

North Texas Top Business Brokerage

Our brokers, advisors, and team members know the Dallas-Fort Worth markets. We work with entrepreneurs, former executives, private equity, family offices, and individuals with extensive capital to buy, sell, or raise money for their business or business idea.

Andrew Lowery

Co-founder and President

Andrew is a former Army Colonel, with multiple combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, a 32 year Veteran, and a member of the Army Engineer Regimental Corp. Andrew earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas at El Paso, an MBA from American Military University and a M.S in Strategic Leadership from the resident U.S. Army War College. After retiring from the Military, Andrew realized how valuable his skills learned in the military could be to others, and saw a unique opportunity to continue serving clients and build a world class team just like in his military career. From here, Valhalla Business Brokers was born. To this day, he enjoys helping people with his hard-earned skills, and providing elite services to America’s best business leaders and families, while providing meaningful careers to veterans.

Tim Nelson

Co-founder and Vice President

As a member of the U.S. Army, Tim has over 30 years of experience developing solutions and partnerships. He is also a licensed real estate professional and has served on the Frisco City Council for the last eight years, being instrumental in big projects including the relocation of both the Dallas Cowboys HQ and practice facility and the PGA of America HQ and PGA championships. Tim has a history of putting the people together by developing long term, value based relationships, and his ability to make the right match has served his clients well. Within the community, Tim has held leadership and committee positions with the Boy Scouts of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Frisco Independent School District, and many others. Tim lives in Frisco with his three kids where he continues to serve his country and his community.

Brad Kaufman

Co-founder and Partner

Brad has a wealth of leadership and operational experience as a career law enforcement officer and senior leader, with over 33 years of experience in management and tactical K9 operations. Prior to becoming a Federal Agent, Brad worked in the DFW Metroplex in law enforcement, supporting tactical SWAT operations. Brad’s education, reputation and experience bring a commitment to the firm as exemplified in his dedicated service to our nation. Brad returned to Dallas approximately six years ago where he and his wife Robin, along with their two children and three grandchildren, reside. They love spending personal time with family and they attend Hope Fellowship Church in Frisco.

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Our Mission

At Valhalla Business Brokers, our mission is to offer professional expertise and reliable service to our clients in the areas of Buying and Selling privately held businesses, Mergers and Acquisitions, affiliated Financial Support Services, including Loans, imaginative methods of Raising Capital and Cash Flow, Tax Reduction Strategies and related Real Estate services. We assist both sellers in preparing and packaging their business for marketing as well as buyers looking for a specific acquisition or merger. Our company is a fully licensed Real Estate and Business Brokerage operation with only trained professionals. Our team of expert M&A Advisers and Certified Business Brokers will help inspire, educate, and consummate a deal on their behalf.

We are the broker of choice for North Texas and the surrounding areas. We will uphold the highest ethical standards, provide superior customer service, and continually strive to meet our clients’ professional objectives. Additionally, we commit to working with the utmost confidentiality with buyers, sellers, and their accountants, lawyers and other business partners. We understand that buying or selling a business is a deeply personal, often emotional experience and we focus on providing sincere, pragmatic advice.

We Pledge To

Outwork the Competition

Negotiate Like Sharks

Never Stop Until the Deal Is Done

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you determine the price for our business?

We will look at the financials of the business, Tax records, market trends, location, how the company is trending, and we will give you our best advice. One of the reasons we keep a talented team of advisors is to also leverage their experience on this as well as get input from the financial institutions that most buyers will be using. Together, we will set the price. It is essential that we value your company accurately and at a price acceptable to you.

How long does the owner need to stay on after the sale?

After closing, there is a transition period when you should expect to stay on to help with a smooth transition. This can be anywhere from 30 to 90 days. It really depends on what the new owners will need and what are you willing to do. This is all negotiable during the due diligence process where the buyer will be developing a legal purchase agreement that clarifies what you both have agreed upon.

How long will the sale process take?

The time it takes to sell your company can range from as few as 90 days up to a year or longer, as timing depends on many factors. Cash transactions take less time than conventional finance deals, which usually take less time than SBA finance deals. Sometimes, it is all about finding that perfect buyer which may take a while.

How do we get this process started?

It’s simple. Call us or send us an email and we will set up a Discovery Meeting so you can learn more about us and we can learn about you and your business.

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